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move to blogger

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My future blog will be at zhu-qy.blogspot.com. It gives me more control.


My yahoo mail got hacked and spammed

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I am already quite careful, by unfortunately, I become the victim of the an email spam, and it sent spam to all people in my contact list. 😦

It contains the content:

“wow this is intense you should give it a look …”
“this is pretty amazing you should give it a look …”
or any thing similar.

There should be a law to put those scum to jail and forbidden to use Internet forever.

If you become the unfortunately victim, the advice from Viet’s blog and Yahoo help: What to do if your account is sending spam? are helpful.

In summary:
1. Change your password immediately.
2. Reviewing Your Alternate Email Address Information
3. If your alternate email address has been changed. Remove the suspected address and change your password again.

And don’t forget to inform your friends in your contact list that you are a victim and ask them not to click on the link, if they clicked, ask them to change password immediately.


git amend incorrect commit message

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Before the commit being push to anywhere, otherwise you may create trouble for others to access:

git commit –amend -m “your new message”

Source from: How do I edit an incorrect commit message in Git?


China dissident Chen Guangcheng arrives in the US, 陈光诚到美

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BBC News
New Yok Times News

他们一家人能获得自由和安全,本应该高兴才是,可是心里还是高兴不起来。这么大一个国家,居然不能给他们一家一个安全的居身之所?号称960万平方公里的国土,最安全的地方居然是美领馆?! 难道要全部受到不公正待遇的人都跑美领馆?


Patent Adsurdity

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Nice video of Patent Adsurdity


Get_Line problem

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This is old story, but I am still referring to it sometimes as I am still new to Ada programming.

Links at: comp.lang.ada

So the best pratice to read a line is like the code from wikibook Ada Programming:

     The_Line: String(1..100);
     Last: Natural;
        Text_IO.Get_Line(The_Line, Last);
        --  do something with The_Line ...
     end loop;
     when Text_IO.End_Error =>


Story of Linux

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Just found this “old” video ^_^ Story of Linux


Seattle Rex vs. Apple: The Verdict Is In

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Seattle Rex vs. Apple: The Verdict Is In
My plan to buy an Apple product has gone to /dev/null


Building an Ada development environment using FSF GCC for Slackware

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Ada support in Slackware is minimum, there is nothing else to help the Ada programer except the stock gnat compiler.   My goal is to make GPL version of GNAT GPS released from AdaCore to work with FSF released GCC.

Debian has excellent gnat/Ada program maintainers and they had done a great job.  But then I always like the Slackware way of doing things not the Debian way.   My work are based on their hard work.

At first,  I tried to make the package to follow the Debian policy for Ada, but then I need to change quite intrusively to the original package.  And somehow I don’t like the way it place the library and include files.  Since this is Slackware, in the spirit of it, I tend not to change the original package too much unless it is really necessary.  The directory structure come out roughly  like the following:

/usr/include/package-name/  -- for include .adb and .ads files
/usr/lib<64>/package-name/ -- for .ali files

Now start building packages.  The gcc compiler in Slackware 13.37 is a little bit old for Ada language support, and it happened that build script for  gcc4.7.0 just shown up in the slackware-current tree.   I downloaded the whole source tree for gcc-4.7.0 from slackware-current and start to modified it.  I tried to mimic what Ludovic Brenta has done on Debian and build two libraries (libgnatprj/libgnatvsn) from the compiler source directly,  so that they could be reused latter for asis and gps.  His patched are quite intrusive and does not apply well as it is mean for 4.6.  I examined the patch and extracted what I needed and form two Makefiles for building libgnatprj and libgnatvsn without modified the gcc source tree itself.  It built fine first, but has linking error when try to build other packages.  It took me more than 10 builds of the compiler to make it working fine.  I haven’t took the time to compile a sjlj run time, as I don’t have a need for it yet.

Then I compiled XmlAda using the xmlada-for-gps-5.0.1-gpl-src.tgz source.  This required not much an effort.   I use the svn checkout of the GtkAda and it fixed some path problem I reported, so no patch is needed (actually, it does have a small patch to relax the path configuration).  The gprbuild program gave some challenge, as it compiled OK but failed to build Ada program.  It turns out to be a configuration xml problem, it has hard coded some lib path into it and does not acknowledge the path given during configure.

GPS is also from svn checkout.  Compiling GPS took a few round, patches are mostly for path correction and some from the Debian team.  It was compiling GPS that exposed the linking error about unresolved symbol for libgnatprj, it took me quite a few recompile of the library and compiler to get it working.

The rest are relatively easy for florist, aunit, gnatcoll, asis,etc.

The build scripts, source and pre-build binary packages for Slackware64 could be found here: goo.gl/osOED.

The build scripts could also be found at gitHub ada-4-slackware.

ps. I only tested on Slackware64 13.37, it supposed to work fine with 32-bit Slackware, but I did not test it.

pps. The svn checkout of GtkAda and GPS are using git svn clone, so it has the git version in the build tag and source file in stead of svn build number.

pps. I felt obligated to match Thomas’ kind words on Ada On Slackware64, the above link at goo.gl/osOED now really contain pre-build binaries for Slackware64. It fixed some problems with the build tar balls, some of them does not contain source tar ball. Note that it contains binutils build from slackware64-current source in order to compile gnatmem, it also contains the oprofile due to new binutils.



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朝鲜死了个金正日,全程转播葬礼,似乎世界都没新闻可播了。 如今似乎又全力塑造金正恩的正面形象。


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