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cross compile openldap error: undefined reference to `lutil_memcmp’.

Filed under: Computing — by zhuqy @ 18:38
When cross compile stable OpenLDAP 2.4.31 (20100219), encounter error on

undefined reference to `lutil_memcmp’.
which could be solved by the following:
After ./configure is called and before calling make, commenting out the line in include/portable.h
or use a sed command
 sed –in-place ‘s/#define NEED_MEMCMP_REPLACEMENT 1//* #undef NEED_MEMCMP_REPLACEMENT *//’ include/portable.h


  1. This was elpful to me. I needed to compile the openldap libs so that I could build a simple application to create active directory users automatically. This got me past a linker error

    Comment by Sqeaky — 2012-03-05 @ 20:30 |Reply

  2. Right now this was very helpful to me, too!

    Comment by Thomas Loewe — 2012-06-10 @ 14:10 |Reply

  3. This worked like a charm. Thanks!

    Comment by Petros Koutoupis — 2013-12-16 @ 09:02 |Reply

  4. […] received an error; cross compile openldap error: undefined reference to `lutil_memcmp’ – https://zhuqy.wordpress.com/2010/04/22/cross-compile-openldap-error-undefined-reference-to-lutil_memc… put me straight- I just had to comment out a line from […]

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  5. OpenLdap 2.4.42 Still Works !!!
    Thank You !

    Comment by RomanStone — 2015-09-03 @ 19:54 |Reply

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