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My yahoo mail got hacked and spammed

Filed under: Computing — by zhuqy @ 11:50

I am already quite careful, by unfortunately, I become the victim of the an email spam, and it sent spam to all people in my contact list. 😦

It contains the content:

“wow this is intense you should give it a look …”
“this is pretty amazing you should give it a look …”
or any thing similar.

There should be a law to put those scum to jail and forbidden to use Internet forever.

If you become the unfortunately victim, the advice from Viet’s blog and Yahoo help: What to do if your account is sending spam? are helpful.

In summary:
1. Change your password immediately.
2. Reviewing Your Alternate Email Address Information
3. If your alternate email address has been changed. Remove the suspected address and change your password again.

And don’t forget to inform your friends in your contact list that you are a victim and ask them not to click on the link, if they clicked, ask them to change password immediately.


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